The Buzzzz

  • Glue Music, Live/Interview

    Chest hair? Head hair? Denim? Kyle’s sassy guitar face? One of our songs? Questions? Hit it? Song session starts around 27 minutes?
  • Northern Cancer Foundation, TundraTour

    WHAT. A. WEEKEND. Laurentian University, we are happily defeated and incredibly proud that together, we raised over $1000 for the Northern Cancer Foundation.
  • Carleton University, CKCU FM Live

    The Stringers performed a stripped down, live acoustic set with the beauties at CKCU. Two Guitars. One Hour. Check it.
  • Sometimes Always, Interview

    INTERVIEW BABYYYYY – The Stringer sat down with Sometimes Always, and what happened next was a pretty neat interview.
  • Ottawa Showbox, EP Review

    Aside from our parents Ottawa Showbox was one of the first to officially review our debut EP, See You At 7. Give it a read!
  • The Journal, Performance Review

    Queen’s University put on the QPOP! Music Festival for the first time ever, and The Stringers enjoyed their first out-of-town show. It was a weekend of firsts – and we loved it.
  • Dresses & Ties [Official Video]

    We made a video! Check out how we recorded our debut EP See You At 7, while listening to our first single, Dresses & Ties.