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  • Glue Music, Live/Interview

    Chest hair? Head hair? Denim? Kyle’s sassy guitar face? One of our songs? Questions? Hit it? Song session starts around 27 minutes?
  • Northern Cancer Foundation, TundraTour

    WHAT. A. WEEKEND. Laurentian University, we are happily defeated and incredibly proud that together, we raised over $1000 for the Northern Cancer Foundation.
  • Carleton University, CKCU FM Live

    The Stringers performed a stripped down, live acoustic set with the beauties at CKCU. Two Guitars. One Hour. Check it.
  • Sometimes Always, Interview

    INTERVIEW BABYYYYY – The Stringer sat down with Sometimes Always, and what happened next was a pretty neat interview.
  • Ottawa Showbox, EP Review

    Aside from our parents Ottawa Showbox was one of the first to officially review our debut EP, See You At 7. Give it a read!
  • The Journal, Performance Review

    Queen’s University put on the QPOP! Music Festival for the first time ever, and The Stringers enjoyed their first out-of-town show. It was a weekend of firsts – and we loved it.
  • Dresses & Ties [Official Video]

    We made a video! Check out how we recorded our debut EP See You At 7, while listening to our first single, Dresses & Ties.






December 22/2014

 Stittsville Legion


January 10/2015

Cafe Dekcuf


January 15/2015

House of Targ


January 17/2015



February 21/2015

Leaky B’s 
LaVa Lounge


February 28/2015

Cafe Dekcuf 


April 14/2015

University Centre
Agora Stage


April 29/2015

Zaphods Beeblebrox


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Olivia & the Creepy Crawlies feat. The Stringers and Art / LIVE ON ELGIN

September 2, 2016, 9:00pm

We are back this Friday! Live on Elgin supporting Olivia and The Creepy Crawlies... Come rock some beers kick off September right! We may have a surprise or two for you... just maybe... ... See MoreSee Less

Olivia & the Creepy Crawlies feat. The Stringers and Art / LIVE ON ELGIN

September 2, 2016, 9:00pm

Hey hey hey all!

We know we've been quiet like little mice lately, the truth is we've been kinda hitting life hurdle after hurdle lately (nothing serious). Life is life and we live it baby.

We've got some new material written and ready to go, it's just been a question of what we'd like to do with it moving forward. Part of me is like "just put it out" but making records is also fun, so I also kind of what to do that.

We've been getting a ton of opportunities to play shows recently and that is always such a wonderful thing, and it does suck to have to turn some down due to the aforementioned situation. That's why I'm going to pin this post for the time being so people know the scoop!

The bottom line is we are moving slow, we know, it kind of sucks, but it's also not making us hate everything, so we're cool with it. We want to make cool tunes and put them out, so that's what we are doing.

We love you all so very, very much!

p.s. We're supporting Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies at LIVE on Elgin September 2nd, and that's going to be a BUZZ
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Hey Toronto friends... Hit It! ... See MoreSee Less

Be That Friend Benefit Concert

July 14, 2016, 8:00pm